This I Believe

Samuel - Murphy, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in music. Whether you are making your own or listening to it on the radio, music is a great way to express yourself.

I enjoy playing the guitar. Playing the guitar is a great way for me to put how I feel into notes and chords. Sometimes I come home from school and I am mad. It didn’t take me to long to learn not to take my anger out on my friends and family but rather on my guitar. When I am feel pretty good I like to play solos that I have memorized rather than chords. Most of the solos I like to play are pretty fast and challenging and I like that because if I finish one without messing up at all. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I also enjoy listening to music. Rock is my favorite type to listening to. Sometimes if I am angry and do not want to play guitar I will turn on some music that are almost always fast. Every time I turn on music when I’m angry within 15 minutes I realize that either the music is off and I am playing my guitar or I am playing my guitar along with the music.

The way I like to express myself with the most though is playing my guitar, along with the music I enjoy listening to. I like playing with the music because most songs have words to them and I cannot sing, so hearing the words while I play along helps me become an all around better musician by knowing when to get louder and softer. Playing along with the music also helps me make sure I do not speed up or slow down when I am not suppose to. Sometimes though a guitar solo will be over but I do not think it should have been so I just keep on going doing what I think sounds right.

Whether I am listening to music, playing music or both, there is one thing I am always doing and that is believing in music.