This I Believe

Jennifer - Murphy, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It was a big game for my basketball team, and coach’s nerves rattled anxiously before the game seeing that he placed emphasis on the game all week. Playing the only team who beat us all season made my stomach queasy. The game started, and we started out a little hesitant, but still managed to lead with five points. When the buzzer ran for the end of the second quarter, I dreaded going into the huddle. We all sat in a circle, eyes wandering every which way, listening to coach holler. The man was livid. He yelled about everything imaginable with his face fire engine red. He complained that our defense was too slow and sloppy. He gave the famous speech about absolutely demolishing the other teams because he believed that if we beat the by thirty last time, we need to beat them by fifty this time. In this situation being up should have been suffice, but it was not. All eight of us walked out on that court to shoot for the remainder of halftime. Something on the court changed. Everyone was hushed, and a feeling of uneasiness blanketed the court. Everyone had a solemn look on their face while evaluating their play. When the game had finished, the opponent had clenched the lead, Wylie had lost. Our performance in the second half, atrocious. Rather than the other team defeating us mentally, it Coach’s yelling had gotten into our heads.

I believe the yelling is not the answer. When someone yells at me, I feel attacked rather than motivated. I try not to yell when attempting to motivate my teammates. Sure, yelling is necessary to be heard in a game situation, but yelling negative things in unacceptable. When I get a bad grade, my parents holler at me to get my grade up. But talking about it would help me much more if someone wants me to perform. There is a greater chance of my responding to my parents or coach inform me rationally of what I did incorrect and how to fix it.

I often help fellow students with math homework, and when I get frustrated because I have run out of ways to explain the subject I keep my cool and try again. Eventually, they will understand it, and yelling is not needed to get my point across. Yelling at my peer might make them feel less intelligent because they cannot comprehend it the first time.

I try hard to remain calm everyday. I believe that my purpose on this earth is to help others, and motivation helps many people to gain confidence and accomplish the unheard of. Without encouragement and motivation many people would not achieve the great feats that they have. Yelling at someone discourages them from their beautiful dream, and that is why I believe that motivation does not lie in yelling.