This I Believe

Haley - wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe….

I believe in being confident. Some people may say your being over confident but I think that is what you need to succeed. You should be confident that you will make the game winning shot or a 100 on your major project. It’s not enough to think you can do it, you have to know.

In the eight grade I was on the track team and I was running the 200m dash and the 800m relay. These were my events. A certain girl, who I will not mention, had taken my spot on the relay and I was mad, no not mad, I was totally bummed. This “girl” was my friend, but once I have something important to me you just don’t take it away. That was my relay, I owned it last year and I was going to own it this year. The other girls wanted me anyway, not her. I can remember the day we challenged for it and the girl and I standing on the old, torn up junior high track. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I was always used to being the best at almost everything. I remember going around the flag pole around the turn of the track in the first 100m. I remember going past the second set of bleachers and then losing by about a foot. I remember being so embarrassed and pouting about it, but I couldn’t get down on myself and I needed to be confident that I would get my spot back. That next week I practiced running the 200m over and over again until my time was at least a second slower and consistent. That Tuesday it was challenge day again for the relay and I was still confident and I knew I could use that against her.

By Wednesday I earned my relay back and I was in the third leg in our track meet on Friday. I believe that confidence is what helped me win the race I desperately wanted. I believe confidence can help you get anything you want if you keep working at it. If you have confidence I believe you will get what you want, but not only what you want but what you deserve, good or bad. I believe confidence is the key to making your life successful. Not only can you use confidence to win a race but to get through everyday life.