This I Believe

Chelsea - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As a little kid, you mom or dad always say follow your dreams. When you are five, that dream is to a princess or a pirate. As you grow up, you dreams change. Soon the goal is to graduate high school and get into college. I believe in this. I believe you should go for those goals no matter how close or far away.

There is a saying that I once read in a book that has forever stayed with me, “If you follow your dreams, no one can stop you.” Now thinking about it, I realized that I have succeeded in this. I am living proof for what I believe.

It all started when my brother decided he wanted to play soccer. My dad, my mom, and I would all go, on Saturday mornings, to watch a bunch of kids chase a ball around the field, occasionally scoring on the kid acting as goalie, who was usually climbing on the goal not paying attention. After a while that gets extremely boring. So I would wander around and watch the “big kids” play. Those games were something to watch. They would actually play. They could pass the ball to another player, take powerful shots, and make fascinating moves. To a six year old, that was incredible.

Later on, I finally asked my mom if I could play soccer too. She agreed, and I second grade I joined a team called the Tidal Waves. At that time it was just for fun. I learned how to kick the ball in the air, pass, shoot, dribble, and how to make those awesome moves. I had a nice team with nice girls. We would win and we would lose, but it was just for fun.

As I got older, I learned that there was a junior high team that you could play on at the school. I thought that was just so amazing, plus you got to miss school for game. Who would pass up that chance? Not me. I decided that I had to make the team. I ended up being selected for the team both my seventh and eighth grade years. Playing for the team, I realized out that I loved soccer so much that I could definitely play the game forever.

Ever since seventh grade, making the team for the high school was my dream. To me junior high was just a taste; preparing you for the challenge of higher lever soccer. I did it. I am now a captain on my junior varsity team. My dream now is to reach the other side of the practice field with the varsity, maybe even try for a soccer scholarship. These are my dreams. I will succeed because I believe in this. I believe in the feeling of pride that I get when I walk on that field, knowing that I represent my school, my coaches, and my team. I believe in following your dreams.