This I Believe

Allan - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In an argument, people exchange words trying to convince others that their views are correct. If, in an argument, one person is willing to keep arguing until they are blue in

the face and physically exhausted, then the argument is about something they truly and

deeply believe in. I believe that if you are not willing to argue until you are blue in the

face and physically exhausted for something; you don’t really believe in it. What if

someone were to say that they believed in God, but when they overheard someone

denounce His existence they remained silent? What if there was another among them

who said they believed in God and began to argue with the person who didn’t believe

why there was a God, trying to get them to believe too. Who really believes in God here?

The person arguing holds that belief and deep and true, and won’t allow others to soil that

belief by saying it’s wrong. I myself am an offensive lineman for my high school football

team. I work hard to memorize plays, to work on my blocks and technique, and to get

stronger. One day after practice, I overheard somebody say that being an offensive

lineman was the easiest job there was. I looked back to find it had come out of the mouth

of a 108 pound receiver. I couldn’t bring myself to not argue with him. I jumped his case,

yelling about how hard we have to work everyday to make sure that the quarterback

could make his pass to him. I yelled about how without our hard work, he would never be

able to catch a football and try to score. I kept arguing, pleading my case, screaming

angrily until I was light headed. I walked off, my throat soar, and voice hoarse. I could

feel the blood pumping through the veins and arteries in my neck. He had trespassed on

what I believe in and I reacted as such. If someone had said pizza tasted bad, I would

have been like the first person. I would have remained silent. The more you believe in

something the more willing you are to fight in its name.