This I Believe

Ashley - Allendale, Michigan
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in lowering the masks

Do you hide your true feelings? I know I do. I believe that people always hide their true feelings behind a mask. You can’t get to know a person if the only thing you see is a fake personality. I believe that everyone, including me, tries to hide their unwanted emotions.

Depression, sadness, anger; all these emotions and more are a trigger to “put up the mask,” to show artificial feelings instead of the true feelings. I believe we need to lower our masks. We need to show our real feelings and let people get to know who we really are. I believe that if we lower our masks and actually show our true feelings, most people will open up more because they will know who we are. They will get to know the real us!

They will see who we really are; and know our true feelings. Maybe they will even try helping us get through the tough times instead of blowing us off for other things. I believe that if we wear a mask 24/7 no one will know who we are. Nobody will see the way we should be; opposed to what we want them to see. I believe that no matter how many masks we wear, be it 1 or 27, we have to lower the mask sometime and let people get to know the real us. This is what I believe.

Lowering the mask will let people know how we are feeling and see our true emotions. They will know what we are feeling and actually care. So let’s lower the mask and show our true feelings and emotions. Let’s change the cycle, let’s show our emotions, and let’s make a difference. Let’s tell people how we really feel and get to know each other the way we want people to actually know us, and not the way we appear to them at first. We need to show people that we aren’t really a depressed world we just don’t have people to talk to, to let someone know how we really feel. So, again I say let’s lower the masks and show who we really are! This is what I believe!