This I Believe

Krystinia - Cheboygan, Michigan
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change


Everyone should always take chances in order to know what they want out of life. Life wouldn’t be interesting if everything just fell into place and know what is going to happen. If something has happened it maybe for the best, because you then would know what to do if it happened again. Nothing ever falls into place; you just need to be on your best guard for the things that happen in life.

If you go out with somebody how you would know if they were the one if you didn’t take a chance? You could be with that certain someone for three years and not know until something has happened. It wasn’t a mistake or a waste of time, it was a great adventure and you wouldn’t have known if you didn’t try. I know this as my boyfriend and I just broke up because it just wasn’t working out, we fought continuously. But if we never tried, we wouldn’t have experienced all the things that we went through. Nothing is handed in life; make your own choices and your own decisions. Nevertheless, people wish they could change things, but they don’t realize that their decisions happen for a reason. If they would of change things, would things still be the same, would you be happy? But in all end we try to make changes in life, try to go back, and fix what we have done. Some things just need to be left alone; they shouldn’t be reborn again.

Just always remember that things happen for a reason. I know some people wish that they could change things, but everyone needs to realize that they wouldn’t be where they’re at now if they didn’t go through the situations and decisions that they made in the past. I say, keep your head up high and don’t dwell on the past. No one can change the past, but everyone can change the future.