This I Believe

Elizabeth - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe life is a rock concert. It’s not the headache I enjoy after the head banging, but it’s the things I am able top forget after the whole experience. Just like a rock concert, life strums some smooth notes, but sometimes, notes turn out sour. Life and all the people that come along with it –acquaintances, friends, God, family, and I all make up a band. The acquaintances are the base –it seems to have very little effect but it plays a big part. My friends are the drums that keep me going; keep my heart pumping. God is my manager. He is the big guy that makes everything happen –without him, there would be no rock concert. My family is the guitarist, right there behind me –the lead singer and songwriter of my life. There are some times when a band member can fall out of turn, strum too early, or lose the beat, but life is a rock concert. Perfection is not expected. I need just to bang my head and forget the whole screw up.

It’s not just forgiving. It’s necessity to forget. Even if I felt like having a battle of bands with someone else, I think about my manger –God –and all the ways he has forgiven me. If God lovingly forgives and forgets my mistakes, I can attempt the same. Forgiveness is the base of all good relationships. I believe my life is a song. Of course my song will not always turn out perfect, but the only thing that is most important to me is my Grand Finale. My Grand Finale is the moment in which God gives me the everlasting reward. I’m still singing until that time comes. I don’t know when it’s going to come, but I know where life is supposed to lead me.

When people head bang, they usually get a major headache accompanied with memory loss. That’s just what everyone needs –a good head banging! The “head banging” problem might hurt at first, but in the end, I know that if I want to heal, I have to forget. Remembering how someone messed up a step in my groove and song, doesn’t make me a better person, or songwriter. All I need to do is alter my song, my life a little bit. This doesn’t change my destination; it only changes the road I take to get to my Grand Finale. I live one strum at a time. I take life slowly and look at the problems right in front of me, one at a time. This is the only way I can make it to my Grand Finale. My Grand Finale –this is the moment in which I am waiting for, in which I’ll know that my song, my life, has been worthwhile to listen to. I believe my life is a rock concert. It’s not the things I remember. It is the things I am able and willing to forget –the memory loss. By forgetting the bad, I can dwell on the good. The good qualities, thoughts, ideas –these attribute to development of me. I know I will become everything I ever wanted to be –a great song writer –a stronger person.