This I Believe

Scott - Sachse, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The power of laughter

The laugh, a scientific mystery. Nobody quite knows why we can laugh, but that does not matter, the fact is that we can. The humble laugh is as individual as the person laughing. The laugh has the power to change a mood in a second. Imagine you had a bad day at work with trouble at home, so you turn on the radio and there is a comedian doing stand up on the radio and he makes you bust a gut laughing. And for that one moment you forgot about all your troubles and stress of the everyday. But then it still comes back. But when you’re out with your close friends and you’re hanging out or just sitting around doing nothing and every single one of you is crying from laughing so much that you cant see straight, your troubles seem to be gone for a good few hours. The humble laugh that has so much power some of us seem to take it for granted or do not realize how much power it has. Soldiers fighting in wars have used this free drug for centuries to help them forget all the horrors, fear and paranoia that surrounds them all day everyday. If you or someone you know can’t even remember the last time you laughed yourself to tears and you feel down all the time and nothing seems to help, try listening to a comedian or watch a truly funny movie. No I am not saying it will make you happy go lucky I am just saying it can help you. You just need to find the type of comedy that is for you. There are many forms of comedy to suit your hunger for it. And when do you find the one for you it may be a little absurd, and the comedian might be a little crude but that doesn’t matter. What matters is if it makes you laugh or not is the only thing that really matters because again I say that the humble laugh is as individual as the person that is laughing.