This I Believe

Jeff - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

You have probably called somebody weird before, but why did you call the person weird? Was it because the way they talk, how they look, or what they eat? Have you ever thought of how different you are to them? You haven’t have you? Well I have thought about that so it’s why I believe that there is no such thing as normal, we are all weird.

If you have ever came across the dictionary definition of “normal” it is just simply “average”, according to The American Heritage College Dictionary. The smartest people in the world make up the dictionary and if they can’t describe the definition well who will?

I have been called weird and so have you, but the thing is is that it doesn’t bother me because I am weird. Nobody on this earth is the same. Sure people say there is always someone out there that’s just like you, but how do they no that? You don’t and if you really think about it both of you would have different memories and different beliefs so you couldn’t ever be exactly the same.

I know this girl and we are very close to being opposites and I call her weird to joke around with her. After I call her that I sometimes stop and think to myself if I have any right to do that. I realized that I don’t because I’m sure I am as weird to her as she is to me.

A good stereotype of a normal person to you someone who wakes up, showers, puts on his suit and tie, eats breakfast with his kids, goes to work, comes back, and then just hangs out around the house? Well that’s what I used to think and now I realized how wrong I am. How many people actually get a job where you have to wear a suit and tie AND have time to play with the kids? Its not very many I can tell you that much.

There is no doubt in my mind that nobody is just like me but it doesn’t bother me, it makes me unique. I know that I am not very old but I still have a very strong belief that nobody on earth is normal.