This I Believe

Maria - biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

This I Believe

I believe that every child should appreciate their parents. After facing many deaths in the family years ago, I had to prove to my remaining family, as well as myself, that I could grow up and learn to face things on my own.

Growing up was difficult. At the age of seven, I had to face the fact that I would not grow up with a father. Every year in school the teachers would make the class create something for their parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I was able to make some things for my mom. I tried so hard to put my heart and soul into it, but I was never the creative child in the family. My mom appreciated everything we did. Father’s Day, however, was hard for me to overcome. When I was little, I never heard of many children losing their mother or father, so I never admitted to not having a father figure. That was the holiday I hated most. I just made the cards and put them away when I got home.

Now as I am older, I have gotten used to the fact. I knew that I would be one of those girls walking down the aisle by myself. However, my brother has taken over the male role in the household. I thank my brother for always being there and giving me everything I wanted. I could never ask for anyone better. He proved that he could give us a normal life even though he was young and never took care of a child. I notice now that I live the life that many teenagers want. My mom and brother gave my sister and me the chance to go to Paris. I received the car of my dreams for graduation. My mother and brother have done a great job in raising our family. So as I look back on my childhood, I would have loved to have a father but managed pretty well without him.

Many kids do not appreciate what their parents do for them. I have learned to never take things for granted. As I am getting older, I try to do things for my mom because there will come a day when I can no longer do anything for her.