This I Believe

Tyler - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe that everybody deserves a fair shot at a successful life. These days society determines whether a person should or will succeed based on their surroundings, background, and social status. People shouldn’t be judged and expected to fail before they’re even given a chance. People should be allowed time to prove themselves before the rest of the world decides how their life should turn out. My uncle was born in a family that was going through some hard times. The financial situation was tough and his mom left his two brothers and his sister alone with his father when they were young children. Left with this unpromising situation, his father preceded to become an alcoholic. My uncle quickly realized that no one expected much out of him. Most people would use this information as an excuse to feel sorry for themselves and become a homeless person, an alcoholic, a thug, or a convict. Instead he wanted to prove to everybody that he could be very successful. He didn’t need a perfect family situation to succeed in life. Instead he used this troubling situation to motivate himself to become successful. Fifteen years of hard work later, he took the athletic director and principal jobs at a school in a small East Texas town. He came from a rough childhood and upbringing to hold two of the highest positions in a school district. He overcame his rough background and unsurpassable odds to achieve his goal. Even though he was counted out before he even got a shot at success, he still succeeded because in the end, all he needed was a shot at success and a good attitude. Everyone needs a fair shot at life no matter their race, religion, or age. I believe that if everyone was given a fair shot at life, the world would be a much more positive and optimistic place. Life is too short to not get a shot at success. I believe that if life was just like the game LIFE, where everyone started out in that same spot, everybody would be a winner.