This I Believe

Alita - Wylie,, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay:

I believe in education and that it can save you. I believe education can get you wherever you make it no matter where you started out from.

The place that I come from is a place where nobody cares. Especially the kids… None of them ever get very far, usually not even through high school. Which is really quite sad, because if they wanted to, I know that they posses the capability to make it happen.

But ever since I was young, I always wanted something more, always knew that there was something better, and I just had to want to find it.

When it presented itself as an option, I took advanced classes. I did anything and everything I could in order to be separated from the rest; as by means of getting better grades and having higher standards. I wanted to take myself somewhere. Anywhere possible was better than where I was and I knew it.

Now that I’m in high school, being set above the rest is even more important to my future and I. Almost every class possible is an advanced one. Keeping me set above the rest is what will take me to a far away college and distant from my past. Realizing that my position was a barrier was the first step in teaching myself to climb over of it. My education is helping me to do this and making a great impact not only on who I am, but where I’m going.

I also believe that caring about and getting a real education will help get me where I want to be and that it’s getting me exactly where I want to go. I’m certain that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I know that I’m getting myself out of a hole that I was completely unwillingly placed into.

And I also know that my education and my need to get the best out of it are the most important keys in rescuing my self from this hole.