This I Believe

Aarica - West Branch, Michigan
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in learning from my mistakes. Learning from my mistakes means knowing what I’ve done wrong and trying to fix it the next time around. Learning from my mistakes means making myself a better person. It’s understanding my faults and trying to make them better. Learning from my mistakes gives me a second chance to make things right.

I once made the mistake of driving without a lisence and under the influence of alcohol. I was only fifteen at the time. The cop who pulled me over knew my dad, so he drove me home instead of taking me to jail. He also pulled my truck off to the side of the road instead of getting it towed. He handed me the keys in the back of the cop car and said, “You better have somebody else pick this up in the morning. We’ll be driving by this area throughout the night, and if it’s gone you’re going to be in trouble.” Later on, when I finally got my license, I had two points on it from this incident. I was lucky that night. Learning from that mistake, I never drove without a license or drank and drove again.

Learning from my mistakes means knowing right from wrong. When I was about thirteen, I was mad at my mom for not washing my volleyball shorts. As I walked away from her room pissed off, I gave her the middle finger. I forgot that there was a mirror hanging in the hall. My mom saw it and said, “Larry, your daughter just flipped me off!” My dad got up in an outrage. I thought I was too old for spankings because I was in high school. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve never disrespected my mother again to this day.

I believe everybody learns from mistakes to improve their lives, whether it’s learning from drinking and driving or disrespecting an elder. Learning from my mistakes is something that in the long run has helped me out.