This I Believe

Raul - sterling, Michigan
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: legacy, work

Working the World

Raul Varadi

I believe that working hard will get you far, but working

smart will get you even farther. Swing a hand to break the

bead of tires that are bigger then me; this is an every day

experience for me. Continuing down this path that both my

father and my grandfather have set for me in the tire

business. My father whom when I was younger, never had the

time to play with me, if he had time he was usually to tire

and sore. He works three times the hours to earn the same

amount of money as someone whom had education beyond that

of high school. My friends whose father went to college,

he has a excellent job in which he works vary few hours and

earns more money. His family has all the latest toys and

the time to play with them. Are family also has nice

things, but has paid a much high price for them. I do not

wish to follow in my father’s foot steps, this is I’m

seeking an education, so that my children can have the best

of everything and want for nothing, but at a much lower


If it was the 1950s it would be easy to get a job

right out of high school at one of the auto factories and


be set for life. A man could work hard and support a

family. Now, in today’s world a man can work hard all his

life and end up with empty bank account and a mountain of

debit. The skills needed in todays are far superior to the

average factory assembly worker or manual laborer. How

hard a man works and his good name, at one point in time

would determine his worth. But not anymore, the name of a

man doesn’t matter at the bank, because there you are just

another numbered account.

Now working smart is the only to earn a real living.

You must have an education beyond high school in order to

make something yourself. Working forty hours a week in an

air conditioned office earning hundred thousand a year.

Instead of sweating outside in the hot sun for seventy

hours a week for less than thirty thousand year. Choose

which life would you want to live?

In this day and age it is expensive to live. So work

smart and you survive, and have a better life for you and

your family. This is what I believe.