This I Believe

Bridgette - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

When most people hear my belief they call it silly or think I’m just acting funny. But in all reality I think the creators of Lion King were absolute geniuses when they came up with the simple, musical, funny phrase… Hakuna-matata. The amazing idea that everything isn’t a big deal, the idea that you are able to just relax, be calm, and not have to worry about every little thing. The belief to just slow down and be happy with life. In today’s society, everyone is so worried with making money, making dead-lines, getting the fastest cars, and being the biggest and best thing around, that they no longer stop and just relax. This simple little phrase has helped me through my High School career many times. From late nights studying, and then failing the test, to friends and peers that hate my guts.

Many times in my school work I don’t work as hard as I should of, or could of. But I love it when this happens because it just makes me believe in Hakuna-matata even more. Instead of going and feeling depressed about it, I just brush it off my shoulder and keep going, because I know I don’t need to worry about it. I also know that I can be happy with me, happy with the fact of failing, without panicking over the defeat.

My belief also helps me out of many conflicts that happen. When someone comes up to me and starts screaming in my face because they don’t like me. I just blow them off. I don’t yell at them back, I don’t hit them, and I definitely don’t let what they are saying get to me. I take the Hakuna-matata route and just act calm about it all. Even when friends are fighting with each other, and then they come to me upset and want to talk, I don’t freak out about what they say or get upset at them. I just try to make them as happy as I can.

I’m also in my school’s ROTC program, which is a student ran organization therefore there are plenty of stressful times. When those times arrive I’m always able to walk into the room and make them feel more relaxed about their problems with just the word Hakuna-matata.

I have found that most people know my belief, or have at least heard of it. But whether or not they agree with me and my view doesn’t faze me. I don’t care if they think it’s childish, silly, or dumb, because I have found the way that makes me the happiest even in the worst of times. I believe in the relaxing, funny, calm ways of Hakuna-matata.