This I Believe

warren - wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that life is good. The natural world we all live in is an amazing thing of raw beauty. The silver lining that is present in everything we do. The small things in life that make us happy to be alive, all of these are examples of what make life so great. Life is good and I love it.

Ever since I was a child I have loved going to the park with my mother and younger bother. Those hot summer days and the cool shade of the trees made summer bearable. The smell of the creek that cut a huge rift into the earth as water flowed lazily though it, the sound of ducks on the pond and kids playing in the distance. All of which I hold as some of my most fond memories. The natural world we are privileged to live in is taken for granted in our day to day lives of meetings and interviews. The world is a great place and it is here to make life better. When I am mad or frustrated I like to walk into the woods and just sit. I hear the birds in the trees and the cows in the field eating. The bliss that comes from quiet is enough for me. The world is great and I love it because it is a place that should be enjoyed by everyone.

The small things in life are great. Flowers, a good book, friends, family, a spring day, and a puppy give us a great deal of happiness if we let them but, sometimes we are to busy to give them the attention the deserver. Take two minutes this afternoon and just watch out you window. I promise you will see something you that you never noticed before. We like to think that we need money or a big house to be happy but, this is what you have been told when in reality all you need is exactly that just what you need no more no less. The small things can bring you the same amount of enjoyment as the big things if not more. You don’t spend as much and most are free. Try by going through the day with out spending any money and see how it goes trust me you will thank me.

Life is good and I love it. I believe that everyday is a new day a new slate and a new chance to do it better. The world we live in I amazing and everything has a brighter side. Joy can come from the simplest things in life. Have fun and just enjoy you self. You are you and life is good.