This I Believe

Eileen - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

I’m part of an average sized family, it includes cousins, uncles, and aunts spread around the area. However, outside of my home, there is a massive group of people that I consider as my other family. Consisting of 225 people, this other family is my band family. I believe that family is more than blood.

In our band, our director always referred to us as a family, and said that we were all brothers and sisters. He said that as a family we all depended on each other. I never new what he was trying to express when he would say things like this. I always believed that my family was at home watching movies. Occasionally I threw crazy glares at him when he said things such as; “my sisters” needed my help, or “go help your brother with his music”. It finally took me a major competition to understand what he was telling us. We performed our show, and from that point on it was all or nothing. Hours a day had gone practicing trying to perfect a show, spending more than half a day with the same people. Every morning, everyday, and it all came down to a few moments. At one point I flashed back to the beginning of the year and I began to think of all the work and relationships that I had made with this group. We spent so much time together and we knew each other better than our own families did. As we finished our show, we all began to get teary-eyed and very emotional. We had all developed trust in one another. We told each other everything and we weren’t embarrassed to say or show how we felt around each other. From that moment on, I realized that we were a family and a very big one too!

As an only child, I’ve never had anyone portray themselves as an older sibling to me until that year. A person who started as a stranger turned into a friend and later became my older brother. I built many strong relations with this group of people. We were more than friends, and we truly behaved as a massive family. From the time that trust was established, we acted like the Brady Bunch family. And of course, becoming this family came included with the constant punking around, picking on each other and running to our directors for protection. I guess you can say that being an only child comes with the benefits of not being picked on, but I still enjoy every minute of it.

A family consists of two or more people who share goals and values, and share commitments to one another. My 225 person family falls under this definition. Whether it’s out on the marching field, in the band hall, or in the hallways, we share goals and values and we have a unique trust. I believe that family is more than blood.