This I Believe

Michele - Sachse, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

When I was younger my parents used to say when one door closes another opens. I didn’t know what this meant until last year. I believe this to be true. About three months ago three day before my 15th birthday I applied for a cashier job at Kroger. In Texas a minor at the age of 15 can start working. A few days went by, there was no call. So that weekend I went to Kroger and asked how long does it take for someone to call you for an interview. The woman at the service counter told me to reapply. That night I filled out the application online again, by then I was already 15 years of age. I waited one full week to get a call; the call never came. I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get a job a Kroger. I was so ready to give up on finding a job, but then I remembered what my parents used to say.

My friend Sydney told me that she had just got a job at a retirement center in Plano, TX as a waitress. She also told me that they needed more people to work there. I asked her if she could get me an application to fill out. I filled it out and gave it back to her to turn into her manager. A couple of days later I received a call from the manager, Ms. Landery. She set up an interview with me and the day of the interview she hired me. I have a strong feeling that I will like my job at the retirement center better than if I would have got the job at Kroger. I’m supposed to start working in the cafeteria, but it hasn’t opened yet. When it opens I will be one of the first to work there.

Highland Springs Retirement Center is the name of the place where I will be working and it has many different programs for teenagers who are in high school. If you’re working there when you are in the 12th grade they give you $ 4000 for college. They have many more programs and that is just one that I hopefully will receive one day.

It hurts to get doors slammed in you face, but I have learned to not give up and if you really want something go for it. When something like this happens I tell myself that something better is coming my way. Also don’t let anything and anybody stand in your way of your goal. So this is why I say when one door closes another one opens; it’s just a part of life and will probably happen your whole life.