This I Believe

Kyle - Sachse, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in what all parents say to their children; life is not fair. Have you ever just wanted to go hit that guy who stole your position on a sports team or burn that long, difficult assignment you were given for the weekend? Or maybe it was just one of those routinely experiences that never go your way. Well, I have had a great amount of these experiences.

Pulling an example from my background, it would be when my dad got a job transfer. I was at age twelve and enjoying life in the freezing winters of New Jersey. I had a best friend that lived a block away from my house, many friendly neighbors, and childhood friends from school and church. I lived in a nice house with a large backyard that I spent my days playing in. The summer before seventh grade, my family packed up and drove ten hours for three days across the country to our new house in Texas. Now I have the privilege to enjoy Texas’ scorching hot summers.

My family moved to a location that was completely new to us. It took me a while to learn the surrounding area and where everything was. Texas is huge in comparison to New Jersey where it took an hour drive to reach New York City. I started over, making new friends and meeting new people. Continuing on the unfairness, the school I went to ran things much differently than schools did in New Jersey. I struggled getting into the flow of things.

What I miss most about my old home would be all my great friends and the memorable experiences. I grew up in a great neighborhood where I knew many of the people. I miss my old school, classmates, and neighbors. This place was special to me and it hurt to leave.

To get me through, I followed Bill Gate’s advice. “Life is not fair; Get used to it.” I got back into the flow of life and made the best of it and it turned out alright in the end. That is why I believe, life is not fair.