This I Believe

Robert - Belvidere, Illinois
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

An Unwritten Rule

I believe that doing what is right sometimes means disobeying a certain law. Many laws are unjust, and therefore must be broken to preserve a fair and equal environment. The job of breaking these laws, and going against the grain, often falls on the most unlikely of people. Rosa Parks comes to mind when I speak of unlikely people. When we stop to think about it, who could have seen a tired, old woman starting what can be considered one of the greatest civil rights movements. When we take people like Rosa Parks under consideration, we see that even the simplest, or seemingly weakest, of people can become the most profound.

Quick! A young girl who is delivering newspapers is crossing the street and there is an oncoming car. Do something! This is your chance to have a profound impact on a little girl’s life. I would like to believe that most people would try to help the girl, or at least try their best to notify her that a car is coming. Given that the girl was in the middle of the street, and you followed her exact same path, then you just “J Walked.” Congratulations! You just broke the law. Had you chosen to go strictly by the book for your entire life, then that girl probably would not have lived. This is not proof that all laws are worthless, and by no means am I saying that we should all go out committing felonies, but this example does show us that some laws cannot always protect everyone.

Doing what is right also means breaking a few rules along the way. What if Martin Luther King never decided that enough was enough? What if Gandhi decided to allow those who were seemingly bigger than him to step all over him? I believe that some rules are meant to be broken.