This I Believe

Kendall - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that our moms know best. Whether it is little things like “brush your teeth,” “eat your vegetables,” and “finish your homework” or big things like “don’t do drugs,” and “get an education” moms just seem to know what’s best for their child.

I have come to believe this a little more every day. As I grow older I look back and the advice my mom has given me throughout the years has paid off in my decisions. I also look back on the times when I didn’t use her advice, which eventually stabbed me in the back. I’ve also come to find, although I hate to admit it, that teenagers don’t know it all event though we think we do sometimes.

There happen to be a few specific times I thought my own knowledge could out do my moms and I decided to do things my way. Once when I was a young girl it was extremely cold outside, but I still wanted to go play in the yard. My mom had specifically said “if you go outside make sure you put on you jacket, hat, and gloves.” Of course me being the adventurous little girl I was, I decided to go outside without them on. I stayed and played out there all day. Then, the next morning I woke up not feeling so well. My mom took me to the doctor and I had pneumonia. I got dreadfully sick those couple of weeks, but that didn’t prove to me that my mom was “always” right.

When I grew older, my dad owned a horse. We were riding the horse in the front pasture one day and everything was going great. When we finished riding, my dad allowed me to ride the horse back in to the stable. My mom said she didn’t think it was a decent idea because we were still training him. As soon as I saddled up, against my moms advice, a car drove by and honked which “spooked” the horse. The horse broke the reins and started sprinting around and cutting corners. Suddenly, as I struggled to stay on, the horse lunged forward and bucked me off. I ended up breaking my leg and once again my mom was right.

My relationship with my mom today is great not only is she a magnificent mom to me and my sisters, but she gives “mom-like” advice to all of our friends. My mom helps me get out of bad situations, teaches me to be a good person, teaches me independence, and the value of friendship. She mentors me through this hard teenage life and I love her for all she does. So I guess through all of my painful experiences I have come to find that most moms usually know what is best for their children (no matter how much you think they don’t), but most of all my mom does! When I finally realized this, she wasn’t only a mom to me she is my best friend.