This I Believe

Hayley - murphy, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of faith: whether it be faith in others, yourself, or God. Living my life with faith motivates me and countless others to persevere through hard times. If something bad happens to me, faith makes circumstances seem better. Faith is an exceptionally powerful thing. Without it, everything seems worse.

The most memorable time in my life that faith helped me was when my parents divorced. I was eleven the day they broke the news to me; I felt like my whole life fell apart. Not only was it horrible that my parents split up, but it was even worse that I moved three hours away from everything I grew up with. It was incredibly difficult to lose my friends and even harder make new ones, but I sill had faith.

During the next few years, faith helped me know that my life would turn out okay. I had faith in myself: that I was strong enough to deal with it. Faith in people helped me to make friends and trust the decision my mom made about the divorce. With in God, I was able to be happy despite what I was going through. If all of that had not happened, I would not be the person I am now. I would not have the same friends or be so close to my family here.

After the move, I finally realized that faith helped me get through it all. It actually turned out as a positive event in my life, instead of a negative one. By realizing that no matter how bad things can seem, they could always be worse, helped me to appreciate how blessed I really am. I made new friends, improved my friendship with my mother, and moved to a better school. Through faith, you can be more optimistic and in the end, things will probably work out for the best. I think that by having faith, you are able to look at situations in life differently and you can have a better outlook on things. I believe in the power of faith.