This I Believe

Brittany - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It was the night before Christmas; I was four years old and could not fall asleep. Eagerness ate inside of me because the following day was my day of presents and fantabulous food. I wandered out of my room to “get a drink,” which as all of us know, to a kid on Christmas Eve, it’s to sneak a peak at the toys. As I creped into the living room, I saw “him.”

Yes, the man, Santa Claus. There he stood, right in front of me, decked in red and fur from his head to his toes. An enormous man with a large sack on his back! I couldn’t believe it, it was astonishing! It’s ever kid’s dream to catch Santa at your house.

I rubbed my eyes, to make sure I was really seeing this. Luckily for me, Santa was here, and I had caught him. I didn’t know what to do, should I acknowledge him or act like it never happened? I just stood there dumbfounded while he finished placing presents down. Then it happened – he turned to face me! My face lit up a he jumped in shock!

We quickly discussed about my surprising him, his reindeer and wife, and his busy night ahead. Santa then tucked me in and went on his way. I quickly fell asleep awaiting morning.

Morning approached quickly and I ran and jumped in my mom’s bed egger to tell her the news of my eventful night. She still had her eyes half closed and her head hiding in the pillow, so my story hardly amused her, but she never said it wasn’t true. I kept my head up and had an amazing day!

At age 7, I found out the truth about Santa, it completely crushed me. I couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t be pretend, I had MET him! Oh, what a long day it was.

Christmas just wasn’t the same from then on. The presents weren’t as fun, the holiday wasn’t completed, and I felt let down. Eventually I realized I needed to over come that. I now realize Santa is a hoax, but I’ve decided to not let it get to me. You can’t let the grown up truth get to you sometimes. You must keep the kid in you. No matter how dumb you may think of yourself, it keeps the excitement in things.

I’m still unsure if the Santa experience had been a dream or all planned out by my family, but every Christmas I remember it and I think about all the happiness it brought me as a child. No matter how old somebody may get, there is always a little bit of kid in them.