This I Believe

Paul - Wylie, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished and value their life. In my mind, a touch of pride is a virtue, not something to be ashamed of or a sin. If a person thinks their life has no worth, not only will they constantly be sad or depressed, but they will not have a burning fight or passion inside of them to defend themselves if one insults or offends them. They will let others run all over them. Often, they will not want any help since they feel as if they do not deserve such a service, and that is quite a problem.

Now, while I do believe that a touch of pride or self-respect in oneself can be beneficial, like anything else in this world, too much of it will grow harmful. Everybody and their uncle knows that one guy who brags about every little insignificant thing they have achieved in their life. This, by no means, is nowhere close to what I want neither myself nor anyone else live like.

Now that I have told you about how much I dislike braggers, let me talk to you about how this relates to my life, which by the way, might turn into bragging.

The boundaries I set for myself, no sex, drugs, or drinking, I never crossed. I get pretty good grades in school. I have excellent relationships with my family, friends and God, and I play sports, which I love doing.

I am proud of what I am and have become, but one thing that comes to mind that I am proud of the most. I am God’s creation and I was put here for a reason. Everybody on this earth was put here for a reason. To advance troops into battle, raise children at home, to lead others to the way of the Lord, or to teach a 9th and 10th grade English class, we all have purpose. And I believe many take this fact too lightly.

What I am trying to get across inside this mumbo-jumbo essay is that we were all put here intentionally, and I believe we should be proud of it.