This I Believe

Ralph - Spring, Texas
Entered on April 23, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: setbacks

I believe in the remarkable resiliance of the human spirit. To see people who have suffered a range of indignaties from cancer in childhood to survivors of the holocost and yet they can still love, speak of and retell their stories and shar a life with others. All people regardless of mental age, infirmaty, capacity to speak or hold your hand can and do impart wisdom beyond thier years in a kind of immortal way. perhaps it is in their eyes or their souls. I have found that the key to this resiliantcy is humor. Yes, humor. To make others laugh,sing, see joy in an expression even contorted by some disfiguring disorder.

If we know how to laugh, see beauty and theremarkable nature of life through humor, we can survive most any atrocity and live to speak about it. Giving it the light of day and keeping it fresh in our thoughts can keep it from happening again. It keeps us resiliant and resistant to hate, anger, abuse, and most of all ignorance. I beleive in the resiliance of the human spirit.