This I Believe

Papa - Aliso Viejo, California
Entered on April 22, 2007
Age Group: 65+


This morning I was listening to the reporting of White House reaction to something. It was being reported that “PUBLICLY” the feeling was such and such while “PRIVATELY” it was something else! We hear this sort of dual attitude reported on all the time and it seems to be an accepted phenomenon! What I want to know is how can two different attitudes be held about something at the same time and expressed to different audiences without one of them being an attempt to mislead? Then, of course, how can this be an ethical action? And finally, if it is not an ethical way of acting, isn’t this a strong argument for stressing ethical training from the earliest age in the home and continuing through every year of schooling? It seems to me that this apparent lack of understanding of the importance of ethics lies at the root of nearly all the problems in the world and, if so, it should not be that hard to correct if enough people want to do something about it. And, why wouldn’t the great majority of people want a better world to live in? I wonder how they can best be motivated in this direction. There must be a way. I know there are many silent voices and a few vocal ones out there that would not take issue with this statement.