This I Believe

kristin - detroit, Michigan
Entered on April 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, illness

This story is about a remarkable man, that I knew and loved so much. He was the coolest uncle anyone could ever ask for. Anything I ever wanted I got it. When he use to come over he use to give me the biggest kisses on my cheek. He was always my favorite. The funny guy type he was always cracking a joke, nothing ever got him down it seemed like. Every Sunday he would bake the best cakes I have ever tasted, so moist almost if they melted in your mouth.

He was never a negative person always positive about everything. One thing I do remember so well about what he said all the time to me “Kristin God only gives you what you can handle “, I never knew what he meant at the time though .

As I got older I started noticing things my uncle started to change he stopped giving me kisses ,started making us use paper plates, cups , plastic wear, and I never could understand why he started doing all this.

Then one day out of the blue he told me “his friend called him that he hadn’t spoken to in years called him and asked him to come to the hospital and visit him, my uncle said he went , and his friend told him he was dying ,you know out of curiosity my uncle had asked him why? He said I have AIDS.”I could only imagine how my uncle felt. After all those years of acting nice then acting weird, but still loving I finally understood why. I didn’t find out my uncle AIDS until 2003 he told me this story. I asked him “why didn’t you ever tell me “? He replied “because I use to hear how you use to talk about people with aids “, then I got really quite I had no clue about the virus, and how it could be spread. I always thought it was spread by touching someone with the virus , but I was wrong .I felt so bad about what I use to say ,but this whole time my favorite uncle was dying of the AIDS virus and I didn’t even know it . Well I did apologize, but 2 days after he told me he was sick he had died. Just that quick he was here one day and gone tomorrow.

Kristin Jones