This I Believe

matt - waxhaw, North Carolina
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in good music. I believe music is more than just sounds and beats. I believe that music tells stories, shows good in humanity, shows bad in humanity, and even shows our own emotions. Music has evolved throughout humanity; it has been a big part of our past. Our ancestors used music to send messages in battles. These ancestors of ours started the evolution of music in the world. Before writing, our ancestors used music to tell their stories and it was of great importance. I believe our ancestors knew just like we do that music is a great part of our lives. Music has been everywhere throughout humanity, as new generations came so does new music. Music had evolved into great symphonies, Mozart, and Beethoven new the importance of music. I believe music evolved along with humans.

I believe music could tell the greatest story ever told. I believe that along with the moon music has seen everything good and bad humans have had to offer. I believe that music lived among the greatest of kings and seen the worst of wars. I believe that music is a big part of our past, and if we don’t hold on to it we could lose part of ourselves. I believe that music helps us remember who we are, and where we came from. Music saw inventions, moon landings and more. Music knows more than you or I combined. I believe with out music, we would have no past.

I think that people have lost touch with music. I believe that people do not stop and think how much music affects our daily lives. How much music has affected our past, how with new days brings new music.

I believe now and day’s music does more for humanity than anyone would stop to think about. Music plays a great part in our lives. I know on average I hear music every single day. I believe music can affect our moods. Ever listen to a death metal song and felt depressed or angry? This is the persuasion of music. Music has its lighter sides; slow soft jazz might give you a relaxed state of mind. Have you ever had a broken heart and listened to a sad Beatles song? I believe that music calms us down, makes us think. Good music is not hard to come about, whether its classic rock, jazz, opera, fast rock, good music is just around the corner.

I wonder where humanity will be in next to come generations. I wonder if music will be the same or if it will be complete different. I believe without music, there will be no further generations. I believe that for us to evolve music must evolve with us.

The only thing I know for certain is that music tells us more than just beats and sounds. People need to stop and think about music for longer than one minute. Music tells our past, it shows our moods, it affects our daily lives, and it evolves along side us. I know that at the end of a long hard day, all I need is some good music and a relaxing night, which lets me know that everything will be alright.