This I Believe

Emily - Covington, Washington
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Being the positive one

I may only be sixteen but I can tell you life a little depressing with all of its violence, abuse, death, and the tons of other things that go on. There are times when I look around, scratch my head and think, “Wow, there are a lot of problems in the world.” Then I also think, “No duh, Sherlock, that’s what life is.” Life may be a bit harsh, but I believe that if you try to stay positive and be happy as much as you can, life gets a lot better. It’s a really simple philosophy and it has really helped me get through the stressful times in my life. There’s a quote that says “Happiness comes not from without but from within,” and it’s a pretty decent quote and I agree with it because other people are not always here to make you happy, you have to do it yourself once in awhile.

Being positive and happy can really be helpful around others I’ve found, you know the times when you listen to your friends gripe about how terrible their life is and they’re just really depressed-what you call teen drama. Those times can make you as the great friend you are, feel really down too. At those times, I believe that if you just stay positive and supportive, the positive attitude then becomes catchy and after awhile everyone is happy again. To me it’s a good feeling making other people happy and being happy myself. Happiness is like a cycle, when you’re happy others are happy, when others are happy you’re happy. It’s a good cycle that makes life a little less crappy.

In my family there have been plenty of problems and really depressing moments that have happened. The one I remember the most was when my grandpa died. It was a tough event and everyone was really sad and the mood was really dark. One of my cousins had really been impacted by my grandfather’s death and she was really small so that made it all the more harder. I remember trying really hard to make her feel happy and cheerful. At first it didn’t work, but after awhile she became happy and that made me feel happy that she was no longer depressed.

I think everyone has the will power to be happy and they should use it. People can make themselves happy at least, if not others.

Happiness to me is away to live stress free, a way to live a good and fulfilling life. To me happiness is a way to get over the setbacks and difficulties in life. To me happiness is how the world can be a better place. I think that after all life is a lot better when everyone is happy. After all isn’t it our right to be happy? I believe it is.