This I Believe

Chris - Weatherby Lake, Missouri
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Being a 17 year old boy, this paper may seem out of place coming from me, but I believe this is the one thing I can write the most about: I believe in love.

I was lying on my sofa a few days ago thinking about what I truly believed in when I overheard my parents talking about how two of their friends recently got a divorce. Their divorce was different than a normal one, the couple had been married for twenty-one years and it seemed that, as my mom put it, “They just didn’t love each other anymore.” Well, being a rational human being I knew that wasn’t the case, but those words struck me as odd. Could there really be a loss of love between people? Or better yet, is it more so a lack of trust between the people?

To answer the first question, no, there cannot be a loss of love between people, I look at my parents and they prove it. They’ve been married for twenty-eight years, and every time they talk you can see that spark that they had between each other from their first date. And as for the second question regarding trust, it has to be true, for someone who has been married for twenty-one years to just stop loving someone isn’t probable.

Generally, when people think of love and marriage, they think of Soap Opera’s. However, the word love has been taken for granted; Soap Opera’s overused the word and drove its meaning into the dirt. When people get divorces that live lives in the “mainstream public” (a.k.a. celebrities) its either A.) They never really loved the person B.) They used it as a publicity stunt, or C.) They were drunk in Las Vegas, as was the case for Brittany Spears.

The divorce rate was 3.9 divorces for every 1,000 people in 2003, showing that love does exist. I believe that just because people get divorces it doesn’t mean that there is someone for everyone. I look at my parents and I believe—I know—that there is a perfect match for everyone, someone who makes their lives complete. I believe that I will find someone who is perfect for me.