This I Believe

Michael - Kansas City, Missouri
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I Believe…….

I believe in believing, but more importantly, I believe in the freedom we have to believe. Sure you could argue that people are allowed to believe in whatever and believe it whenever they want. I totally agree with that, but when I say freedom to believe I mean that we have the freedom to believe and express those beliefs. So in the long run, rather than believing in believing, or believing in the freedom we have to believe. I will make it easy and combine the two beliefs and say that I believe in the belief that we have the freedom to believe and express those beliefs.

If there is only one common characteristic everyone on earth shares it’s the ability to believe. Some people though are born in such a screwed up government that they’re not free to express the fact that they can believe. Though if you were lucky enough to have been born in the Democratic Republic of America, then you were born with one main privilege, the freedom to express your beliefs. Which, in the long run, is the basis of all other rights given to you in this great country. Though I am the last to support the governments stance on rights.

Having said that, the only reason we believe is because we think we can believe. If we didn’t believe in believing, then how would everything have ever happened. In fact if we, subconsciously, didn’t believe in believing then how would anything and everything on earth have ever been created? At the same time, if we didn’t believe in believing then the beliefs that different people and different countries believe in would never had contradicted others beliefs. So in turn there wouldn’t be any need to fight, or the belief to fight, because there wouldn’t be a difference to argue about.

Basically believing is what makes people who they are. If someone along the line didn’t believe in something then there would be nothing to believe in now. Everything began with a belief, whether it was the belief in a religion, the belief in the basic idea of a light-bulb, or even the belief in the reason behind everything. Believing is what makes people who they are, and is what changes history.

My whole life if there was one thing I have never agreed with, it was the basic point of every statement my dad had ever made. It was that, if you didn’t work as hard as he did to get to where he is today (compared to where he was yesterday) then you didn’t deserve to be there. Basically what he meant by that is if you didn’t work hard for what you had, if you didn’t suffer hardships to get to where you are, if you take the smallest thing for granted as small as a half a meal; then you don’t deserve to be where you are. In part I admire my dad for that, as screwed up as his priorities are. He was born with nothing, and got even less when he took the part of his parents as a teenager. But he always felt that he had to work that much harder to get that much more than everyone else, but he always felt that he came up shorthanded. He always felt that he deserved to live a better life, and though he really thought he did. He never cared to find out why he hadn’t been able to. He lived his life in an alcoholic haze, devoting his time to money and beer. He never cared about what he already had rather than what he can still get. Though his beliefs are that he can still work harder to get somewhere else, he doesn’t care to even notice where he already is.

These are his beliefs, and he dislikes me and my sister because we don’t share those beliefs. Which is a great, but over extensive, example of how many people feel about their beliefs. He is the utmost perfect example of how different people feel about others beliefs. He only agreed with what he believed in and as far as he was concerned that was all that mattered. I guess you could say that even though I tried to block out everything my dad tried to get me to believe, he did in a way influence my current beliefs by being a great example. Though people will always do what they can to try to get you to believe in what they believe. So basically I believe in the belief that we have the freedom to believe and express those beliefs.