This I Believe

Jane - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: hope


I believe in the State Lottery! North Carolina just got the lottery game about a year or so ago and during that time I have probably played “powerball” about six times.

When I tuck in that cash register sized white sheet of paper with about $10 worth of tickets into the pocket of my wallet, the dreams begin. I picture myself as a big winner talking to reporters to tell them my wonderful story of how I happened into the grocery store or gas station to buy the glorious winning ticket.

“Well, I was on the other side of town the other day checking on one of my listings and decided to stop at a Food Lion in case their celery cost less than the stalks at Harris Teeter on the south side of town where it has been selling for almost $4.00. I headed over to the service desk to buy my two “blue ridge parkway” scratch offs and my ten powerball tickets for the Saturday drawing. The total came to $20.00. From there I browsed the produce aisle and sure enough, there was the celery for only $1.79 a bunch. Yes! We would have homemade stuffing with the roast chicken dinner tonight after all!….So you see, dear media people, had I not wanted to add celery to my packaged pepperidge farm seasoned stuffing mix, I never would have bought that wonderful winning ticket that now is worth $342 million dollars….”

The dream continues as I walk to my car…..How will I spend all that money? Well, the first thing I will do is to clear out my office…Thirty years in the real estate business has certainly been fulfilling, but now I won’t need to deal with angry homeowners whose homes are not selling….no more” hauling and hoping and driving and showing” prospective buyers all over town…..freedom, and free time in my aging years to pursue my love of photography….yes…I’ll enroll in some classes…Log into and book that British Isle Cruise and maybe even call the Crystal Cruise line and take a first class trip somewhere with them. Oh, and of course my 74 year old husband who measures listings for Realtors and by all rights should have been able to retire ten years ago can now wind up his tape measure for the last time and delete his autocad system because “mama’s gonna take care of you now!”

Naturally I will be generous and philanthropic….Kids….quit your jobs and finish up your college education because you won’t have to pay a dime! Church….here’s money for the family life center you have been dreaming about! Homeless people, orphans, all the down and outs..your problems are over because I can help you now!

Saturday night at 11:30pm….My paper comes out of its hiding place…I carefully check and recheck each and every winning lottery number, heave a sigh, toss the paper in the trash and get back on the computer to find homes to show my clients tomorrow afternoon

It’s not the lottery…it’s the dreams it allows me..and for this I believe!