This I Believe

Eugenia - Ferrisburgh, Vermont
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

This I Believe

Two weeks ago, I found an old photograph of my father embracing an old majestic maple tree. I remembered the tree from my childhood. My father had named her the Mother Tree, because of the hundreds of saplings and seedlings that surrounded her. I loved the Mother Tree, and she was a beautiful part of nature. Threw out the seasons my family and I would go on evening walks around our property together. We would collect flowers along the way from the field and gardens to give to the Mother Tree as a gift and offering, to show our appreciation and love of her existence.

Now years later I still feel the same connection to nature as I did as a child. Nature has always given me a sense of rebirth, peace, energy, and admiration. I love the way grass tickles between my toes and the effect of the sun rays shinning threw tree branches, creating a heavenly glow of wonderment. Now I wait all week for when I will take time to go outside and envelope myself in nature to smooth the edges of everyday life and work.

Learning to respect the environment around me and spending time outdoors has helped to shape the person I am. I try to recycle whatever plastics, glass, and paper I can, I have taken to riding the bus instead of driving alone in my car. Why do I choose to do these small environmentally conscious things? Is it because I feel guilty for how I live my life, sometimes. But I believe it is also, because nature and a healthy environment are gifts to be cherished.

I have not given the Mother Tree an offering of flowers for soon to be twelve years. I prey the people who own her home land appreciate her beauty and all that she represents. In a way every time I fold up a piece of used cardboard, I know I am doing it for all the trees, not just for me.