This I Believe

Crystal - monroe, North Carolina
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe: Homelessness is not contagious

I believe homelessness is not contagious, and people shouldn’t prejudge an individual because of their past struggles. People who live at the homeless shelter aren’t drug addicts, or drunks. They are individuals who have hit a stumbling block in their live, and need some help to get back on track to fit into society.

I reached my beliefs for very personal reasons and through experiences in my life. At a point in my life I thought I was on top of the world, with a car, job, and money. But I lost sight of God, and he had to show me that it wasn’t all good.

I never thought I would see the day that I would lose everything, and become homeless. Before I went to the local shelter, I was under the assumption that it was a place for drunks, addicts. But of course when I hit rock bottom, and I lost everything I found out that the homeless shelter isn’t that bad after all, and homelessness is not contagious.

Now of course that I am a resident at the local shelter, I have changed my opinion. Afterwards as I spent more time observing the different people that were volunteers. Coming to fix dinner, and giving donations of time, and gifts. I seen them come from all walks of life, and some have a certain look. The look would show them thinking “Please don’t look at me, or touch me, I am just here to do a job.”

Once again I say homelessness is not contagious. My beliefs have grown stronger, because a person who comes into the shelter with that attitude should already know that their time is their time, and should perform their duties because they want to not because someone made them. To sum up things, I would like for outsiders looking in at homeless people to realize that homelessness is not contagious. If it’s at all possible, just help as much as you can, because just like me, a student at the local college, I have feelings, and others do too. So, yes, it could happen to anybody, and you as well as I would like a kind hearted person to help us and others in a time of need.