This I Believe

Allison - Monroe, North Carolina
Entered on April 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

This I believe…

I believe in respect. Respect to me is trust, honesty, friendship, taking partners feelings into consideration, building a person up instead of tearing them down, honoring rules and having appreciation for things.

As a child, I was brought up by my parents to respect them. My parents taught me to respect my grandparents, teachers, elders and others. They taught me to follow school rules, church rules, traffic rules, and any other important rules that I would need in life as I grew up. In high school, I lost my parents respect for a while. I did not do anything horrible, just kid stuff. I skipped school one day with my best friend, but when I was asked about it, I lied. My dad called the school and found out the truth. I lost my car for a month and any privileges of going out with my friends. After that, it was hard to regain my parents respect (especially from my dad) for a while. I have come to value respect for people and things more as I get older, like my parents said I would one day.

Showing respect has gotten me better things in life. My parents have always made sure I had what I needed and the extra things I want. If I show any disrespect they do not help me with the extra things I would like to have. With my grandparents, I can talk with them about things and ask their opinion and they would never tell my parents. That is why I have respect and trust for my grandparents.

Respect should be in the work place. I try to respect my boss but a lot of times, she shows disrespect to me by talking inconsiderately and non-caring. It is very hard to be respectful when someone talking down to you and is unfriendly. I still try to respect her no matter what the consequences. At my other job, everyone respects each other and their feelings. People are more willing to help you learn and give you more responsibilities if you show respect. I feel I can move up the promotion ladder by being this way.

Personally, I respect myself also. I feel it would be hard to respect others if I did not respect myself. Having respect for my self is a really good feeling. If others know that I have respect for myself, they may try and respect me no matter what the situation. If I would loose my self respect it would be hard to regain it; or if it was threatened, I would work hard to keep it.

Respect has importance in every day life. I have noticed that when meeting new people if I show them respect, they more than likely are going to show me respect. In other words, I believe respect will always promote goodness between individuals.