This I Believe

Luke - Parkville, Missouri
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports


There is nothing like waking up to sports highlights and watching them until I have to leave for school. Then coming home after practice and watching brand new highlights, I also watch another highlight reel right before I got to bed. Yes, I am a sports nut and I believe in SportsCenter twenty four hours a day! After watching all the football games on Saturday and Sunday, no matter what, I believe in recapping the spectacular events and finding new rare statistics. I believe there is no other sports show that can ever dominate them in the world!

I believe if fans don’t watch SportsCenter, they will get lost on the analysis of games and should always watch and listen to the pregame reports and the postgame reports. Usually when I’m sitting around watching games with people, they sometimes ask way too many questions because they didn’t pay enough attention to the commentary. The common questions consist of “Who is this guy playing for? Where’s this player? Is he injured? Where are they playing? What’s their record?”. Most of the answers are pretty obvious, common sense. No one can be a true dedicated fan of any sport or team if you don’t watch SportsCenter!

Rain or shine, I believe in being a SportsCenter couch potato until it gets boring or old but that never happens. My memorization of their slogans or phrases will be stuck in my head for all eternity. Some famous phrases include: “It’s back, way back, it hit a guy in the back!” “Must be butter cause he’s on a roll”. “Like gravy on a biscuit it’s all good”. “Got more flavor than Kool-Aid and cocoa”. “All that and a bag of chips”. “My power is beyond your understanding”. “He’s got his mojo working” and “I don’t know what that pitch was, but it tastes like chicken”. The majority of these phrase were said by my SportsCenter idol, Stuart Scott. The Top Ten plays of the day are also the biggest part of the show ranging from the weirdest moments to the most spectacular ones. Yes, my one true addiction that doesn’t consist of alcohol or drugs: it is watching as many sports as I can until I get dizzy.

My belief will never die because I know someday I will visit sports heaven and will never come back! I believe that I’ll reach my goal in becoming one of those crazy broadcasters giving you daily updates on the show. Without sports, I believe you have no life or at least have not figured it out yet! Thank God, they finally added the weather forecast!