This I Believe

Monika - Seattle, Washington
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe

Three years ago I climbed to the top of Haleakela, one of Hawaii’s dormant volcanoes on Maui. Thanks to my grandsons, I’ve learned a lot about volcanoes, so I was curious as to what I would see once I got to the top. What I saw was an endless expanse of black, burnt, glistening rock. A desolate, barren, ashy landscape, stretching as far as I could see, with no sign of life, except for faint, dusty footpaths made by hikers. As I made the short climb to the edge of the crater, I noticed, between my feet, one little yellow flower growing out of a crack in the black rocks. All alone, with no other plants in sight, it aimed its golden head straight into the sky. I could not imagine the courage and persistence it must have, to prevail here and bloom. I had just completed two weeks reviewing my life purpose, my vision for a world, by 2020, where business and society are in partnership with each other, creating lives and livelihoods that sustain ourselves, our communities, and our environments. In a world of corporate greed, where half of us live in poverty, many at war, and many of us devastating our environment, my vision often seems ridiculous. And still, the little yellow flower in the ashes. And I knew that no matter what, I believe in the possibility of flowers growing out of ashes. That, together we can achieve anything, including my vision. That, even though I often see only the rocks in the way, there are many of us, all over the world, aiming our hearts into the sky.