This I Believe

Scott - Reidsville, North Carolina
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

A couple of year ago I had a narrow view on how life unraveled itself to my perspective. It seemed like every moment became as predictable as the last. I was disappointed in the fact that I thought there would be more to my life than a less than satisfying routine of school-work-home. I literally thought (and tried) that I could sum up the next few months of my life with a guess of what I would endure based on a rapidly depreciated routine. Now in my senior year of high school I look back on those thoughts and am astonished how I could be so ignorant to think the future could be so easily interpreted. Since those days I have let myself become more open minded to where life can take somebody no matter how unbreakable a routine seems to be. That being said I believe in possibility. I believe its best to not know what could wash up on the shore. I don’t want to dictate what will happen to me. I would never know what I could do because I will be to busy trying to set up my life just how everybody else wants their lives to be.

When I think about the future and what college has to bring I get enthusiastic about trying to establish hat will happen in my life. However, I believe I have to remember its pointless to assume what is going to happen because life’s possibilities are as endless as human stupidity. I believe that I cannot exclude anything from happening but neither can I assume something will. I feel like I must embrace what I know what’s going to happen for sure and accept that I will never know where I will be in the future. Instead I take the small changes that happen daily as a trial to prepare for the extensive possibilities of what will become of my life.