This I Believe

Stacey - leawood, Kansas
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Kind Acts

I believe that kind acts need to be preformed on a daily basis and in multiple quantities, not just for others, but for the environment, your surroundings, and yourself. These kind acts should not be preformed for rewards or anything like that. Too many times a person will do a nice deed because an authority figure is watching and they want them to think that they are a good person for doing something to help. In this situation the person doing the helping does not care that the lady whose purse flew open on her first day of work is more embarrassed than she has ever been in their entire life. The person performing the “good deed” only wanted to be labeled as a “nice guy”. I don’t believe in this. All people, no matter what gender, religion, hair color- it doesn’t even matter if the person is the richest or happiest person on earth, all people are in need of help once in a while and it is everyone’s duty to help them without wanting anything in return. When money is dropped out of a bag by accident, and the person who picked it up knows who it belongs to, they should not hesitate before returning it; it should be an automatic reaction to want to give it back. Why do things like this not always happen? I have the answer. We all are too overwhelmed with ourselves sometimes, and worrying what will happen to us, that we often forget about others around us.

The other day there was an empty paper cup that flew out of a trash can and landed about five feet away on the sidewalk. This sidewalk was located in front of various stores so many people would walk by giving them plenty of time to see the cup. I was maybe two stores away from the trash can when I saw this happen. When I reached it, I sat down on one of the benches outside of a store, and waited. I waited and watched to see if anyone would stop, or even take notice that the cup was even there. One person after another walked by and no change occurred. Ten minutes later when I was about to give up hope, a young woman who was by herself, walked past the cup, stopped, and then turned back around to pick it up and throw it away.

It’s people like this women who you want to be around, who you want to have as a neighbor, and who are going to make our society better. It doesn’t matter if these kinds of people are rich, or poor, or smart at math, or have a good job or not, what does matter is that people like this care. They care about our earth, the people who live on it, and know that good deeds, no matter how small or how they are performed, need to be done to make life better for all. This, I believe and encourage others to do as well.