This I Believe

Joe - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Making Mistakes

I believe in taking responsibility for making mistakes. One of my biggest mistakes involved graduation. I used to skip so much school that I was three credits short of graduating. Luckily, people helped me graduate. That doesn’t mean that every time a mistake is made someone will be there to clean up the mess. I had to work my butt off to get the help in the first place. Once I proved that I wanted to graduate badly, I received the help I needed.

My freshmen year wasn’t exactly a great year for me. I did terrible in almost all my classes.. Halfway through the year, I started skipping. As the year progressed I was doing worse in my classes. Out of six credits that year I received two and a half of them. My sophomore year wasn’t much different. If I wasn’t skipping a class, I was failing it. There was about a month or two where I didn’t attend class once. I only received two out of six credits that year.

Junior year went much better. Halfway through the year, I had forgotten about graduating and started skipping again. My friend Josh started looking out for me though, and whenever he knew I skipped, he let someone know. My senior year I really stepped things up. I knew I wouldn’t pass and I sought help. All I had to do was show I wanted to graduate by attending classes and passing them. I kept it up and finally around March 1st got the help I needed. I took extra classes and worked hard to get the credits I missed. I went to graduation and was proud of myself for it.

When you take responsibility for your mistakes, I think you feel better about the mistake. This time I took responsibility for failing and I made up for it when I graduated. I had stolen from a store during my senior year though, and that turned out bad for me.

If you make a mistake, don’t think the worst has happened. Look for a way to get help and atone for your mistake. Once everything has been atoned for, then you will feel a sense of pride in yourself. I think that’s why it’s important for people to take responsibility for their mistakes.