This I Believe

Liza - Kansas City, Missouri
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Fun-Suckers

Yes the infamous fun-suckers. Watch out… they’re everywhere. There mission: to suck the fun right out of any and every little thing that walks in their fun-sucking pathway. When I first heard this word images instantly popped into my head of people who I felt fit the description perfectly—I then made a promise to myself never to become a vacuum cleaner of fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff and forgive and forget petty things that we all know deep down won’t matter in a couple of hours. Yes…I do believe in fun-suckers, but more importantly I believe that you and only you can establish the amount of fun and excitement that is present in your lifetime.

I remember a specific party I went to in the 7th grade. Lauren’s 13th birthday dance party—a party that everyone loved going to until it came down to the whole dancing part. When I got their the clubhouse was fully equipped and ready to go with a karaoke machine, loud music playing, and a balloon decorated dance floor with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. I loved going to parties where all my friends would be and my adrenaline was pumping, so I decided to get the party going. Most of the kids just sat along the wall or in chairs like bumps on a log— a pretty tough crowd to please. But I guess you could just call us average middle schoolers; too cool to do anything that would risk ruining our reputations. For some, even thinking about the fact of embarrassment or failure frightened them and they put on a bad attitude to cover it up, but it didn’t stop me or some of my friends. With my great singing skills I started off the karaoke singing with the song, “And I Will Always Love You.” It seemed to get everyone’s attention by the loud screeching of my voice attempting to reach the high notes that Whitney Houston did so well. Then the DJ took over the music (thankfully) and my friends and I started dancing and got everyone riled up and excited. Most people broke out of their shells and danced with the rest of us. But I stopped for a moment and paused to look at who was still sitting out. I saw the fun-suckers sitting on the side gossiping about how dumb we all looked and how miserable they were. And yes they were probably right, I may have looked dumb, but I didn’t care. My night was going to be fun no matter what.

Even though this event occurred a while ago, I still find myself doing the same things today. If I go to a party or a get together and it’s not very fun, I always like to try to liven it up a little bit so it won’t be boring. I believe that only boring people get bored and that you and only you can control how much fun you have… just don’t let the fun-suckers getcha’!