This I Believe

Lex - Monroe, North Carolina
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

I believe that nobody is perfect and that every mistake we make, helps us learn. I believe that no one is ever going to be perfect, because, if he is perfect, how is he going to better himself?

My name is Lex, a nineteen year older that tries to learn how to survive day by day in a world full of mistakes, and I know I’m not perfect, and I won’t ever be, but I also know that everyday I learn from experiences that teach me about life. Simple things like being late to school or missing an important date in my calendar are some of the my most common mistakes, but I would like to know who hasn’t been late to school, not even one day, or who hasn’t forget a friend’s birthday? little thing like this remind us that we are just human beings and that we are going make mistakes sooner or later, we can’t help it because is in our genes, our blood, our soul, our nature. As humans, we think that we have to live in a world free of errors, free of mistakes, free of misunderstandings, but do we really try our best to live a perfect life?

From my point of view, I think that people do not know the real meaning of perfection, I mean, it is just like trying to find the definition of love. For me, a perfect family would be a mom, a dad, a son and a daughter living in a house where we do not have to pay any kind of bills, power, cable, phone, water, anything, It would be perfect, or living on a house that never gets dirty.

At least we need to have an instruction book for life in which every problem meets a solution on certain page number. For example, what to do to get someone out of your head, after getting your heart broken? Or, how to teach somebody how to be a good parent? We can’t, because then the world will lose its essence, and worse yet, people will be always doing things so perfectly that we wouldn’t be humans. The phrase “I’m sorry” will be erased from the dictionaries, because we are so perfect that there’s not room for apologies.

Imagine a football game where there’s no turnovers because both teams are so perfect that they succeed in every play they run, or imagine watching a one year older eating by himself where he doesn’t even need a napkin because he is so perfect that he will never get his face dirty or makes a mess on the table. Where will the cops be if everybody is so perfect that people will never speed or commit any type of vandalism? Where will doctors be if everybody is so perfect that they eat every meal on a balanced diet, or are so perfect that they can control every cell of their bodies?

I believe that no one is perfect and that perfection doesn’t exist, because if the world was perfect, it would be a place where mistakes are not allowed and humans learn from mistakes.