This I Believe

Garrett - Eugene, Oregon
Entered on April 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that you can depend on people and if you didn’t life would be very hard. Life, in society now, it would be nearly impossible to not depend on any one else. You have a heart attack, you depend on the ambulance to save you; if you are robbed you depend on the police to get your things back and find the person who robbed you. You depend on grocery stores to provide food to you and your family. You depend on farmers to supply the food to the grocery stores. I depend on my parents to get money so they can buy the food from the stores so I can eat.

When I just ended second grade my parents took me and my brother to camp, my brother and I were having a great time. My brother and I were riding around camp and I did something I wanted to show him so he followed me. He came up to fast, I didn’t know where he was I was to concentrated on getting this move right and he ran into me from behind I flew over the handlebars at the moment and didn’t feel a thing next thing I knew I was laying on the ground. We were laying there and our parents couldn’t see or hear us. Luckily, some lady came by and asked if we needed any help and so she alerted our parents, I had broken my thumb. In eighth grade I crashed again and broke my wrist but luckily I was not far from school and a guy taking his daughter to school offered to help. His daughter willingly got out and walked the rest of the way to school while this guy drove me to school so I could call my mom.

Because of the other incidents where people helped me I learned that helping others, even if it is just telling some one that this person needs help, it may help them tremendously. Once while I was hiking back to our bus with the rest of our Boy Scout Troop, there was this kid whose mom packed his pack for him, this kid was new to the troop. His backpack was way too heavy for him so naturally he was complaining, so a little ways in I decided to help him and grabbed his pack and carried it back to the bus. Although the bus wasn’t that far away we were in the back and this kid could not walk any farther with his pack. That day someone depended on my help to carry their pack back to the bus.

There are lots of things that we depend on, there are so many I don’t know them all and if I did I could not write them down. Although there are times that we can only depend on our selves there aren’t that many. I believe that some people, who think they can only depend on their selves and no one else, usually end up mean and don’t help others. They end up mean because when someone asks if they need help they say no, and if someone asks them for help they probably think that since they haven’t needed help nobody else needs help. But that’s probably not true; it’s just what I believe.