This I Believe

John - Lake Waukomis, Missouri
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the simple life; no, not L.A. girls running around rural America, the Waldden, Emerson, and Thoreau simplicity. Thow away your pricy computers, your celebrity cars, and your well-groomed poodles: It’s time for a change. Americans have become so materialistic to the point we are competely self-infatuated. We ignore the cries from thrid world countries and homeless individuals begging for food on their plate. Not only do we have this idolization of materialistic goods, people are too busy doing nothing, pretending to do everything, and all the while wondering of they will have time to get a breath of air before the day is over. Breathe my friends, breathe.

People just simply take for granted what we have. Stop and take in this place we live: Our country, our state, our city, our life. The hottest of days and the rainiest of night cannot take away from the beauty that is all around us from the person in the cubical nexxt to you to the homeless man sleeping in the subway. Stop and take in how great we have it. We live in a country where we don’t have to wash in a river, eat rice and beans twice a day, or walk twenty miles to the nerest market.

I myself am a true believer in a simple life. I own one pair of shoes and simply wear a t-shert and jeans each and everyday. It is no need to have expensive clothing lables or pricy brand names, becasue they, well, label. I don’t need a million dollar home, or go on extreme vacations to be happy. They are pleaseing and enjoyable but they don’t achieve the essence of what everyone on this earth is searching for: TRUE happiness. You have to accept what life gives you. We are all actors in a play. It just matters how we act our our part.

So I tell you all… KISS… Keep it simple stuipd. We can be happy, not bay all the time we can give up to the world but by how we gave the world our time. You get out what you put in. You could bec onsitered King Mitus, with your golden touch, but all you need is to have a caring hand. Simply stated, simple life. This I believe.