This I Believe

alysia - USA
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

hm…idk how to put this but i believe in love as a lil youngester lik myself. i am currently only 15. but man i am in deep head over heels in love!!! im in love wit this amazin guy named nick! ugh do i love this guy. we rnt together rite now. but wat i would want more than ne thing is to be with him!!! this silly boy completes me i swear no lie. i get this weird feeling wen i talk to him lik butterflies in my tummy! its amazing!!! he makes me lik no one else in the world will ever b able to. man im sprung! lol. u have no idea! i cry every nite cuz im so sad that i have lost him. we talk everyday but its not the same cuz i wana talk to him all day everyday non stop! i mizz him sooo much. he says he loves me n i beileve him but at the same time it scares me cuz he has hurt me b4 (he cheated) n its hard to trust him but hes my first love n idk wat ima do without him. for sum reason i have this feeling that this is the end wit me n him n if it is….ugh idk wat ima do! i need him he is my everything! we planned on getting married n haveing kid hopefully a boy but if not its all gud but it would be our kid! OUR KID dang that sounds BEAUTIFUL!!! :] we were goin live in cali together n jus have the best life together! oh n our wedding was goin be bomb!! he says he stills wants to marry me but i wanna be wit him right now! he is my babyboy thta i cant live without! ugh. i want him n u knw wat ima get him well ima try at least ima do ne thing i can to get back with my one and only love!!!!!!!!!