This I Believe

Rita - Aurora, Illinois
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

Rita Adam

I believe

16 March 2007

I believe in love, love for child, love for first man, and love for parents. The word love to me means a lot. I wonder why people so angry, probably nobody loved him or her. I feel sorry for them. I really do, because I love, I always been in love. I always dreamed about love. Today I am happy, because I share those feelings with my family, friends, and relatives.

When I was sixteen, I met a boy. He was nineteen at time. He was handsome and young. I was in love and very happy. We planed our future; we want to have kids. I dreamed to be with someone who loves me a lot.

I grow up without mom. She died when I was six. She loved me very much. I was everything in her life. I lost her. My dad was a good man, but he never hugged me, he never showed his love. He never talked about mom. She despaired forever, left only stories and memories about my mom’s love to me.

After several years my dad found a woman, but she never loved me. I was desperate for love. After many years I met my man, and I was so happy. I was in love and he loved me. He was everything for me.

I didn’t know anything about life. I just knew; life is not fare. But I believed with all my heart, I would be happy some day. After my little baby born, I felt different love, love for my baby. I always wanted to believe, my love to her would be forever. I wrote in the diary, “I wish she loves me like I love her, I wish she will be my best friend”. Today I am so lucky. My baby loves me very much, and I am her best friend. That feeling of love is something amazing and always in my heart.

Anyway, one day I separated with my husband. I feel empty, not happy and disappointed. I had my little girl, but love to her was so different from love to him. After six months of separation, my husband died. I didn’t know what to do. My heart was broken. I had to admit, my love never was gone from my heart. I loved him no matter what.

Today I have another man. He loves me very much. We have difficult days like any body else, but our love and respect never goes away. We are family, and we love each other very much. My baby girl today is almost twenty years old. I wish for her only best. I hope one day she will meet her true love, and she will say, “Mom, I love him very much”, same I loved her father. I hope she will believe in word love same I like I do.

The word love to me is everything. No matter how difficult life I had, but love will always be in my heart. Even I don’t remember my mom anymore, I still love her with all my heard. I still miss my dad, no matter what. I love everybody, I love my life, and I believe, love never be gone from peoples hearts.