This I Believe

Avani - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: good & evil

I’ve always believed that people were born with good intentions with some bad traits, but this year I came to question if my belief in the good of people was incorrect. There are several reasons why I began to disbelieve the good in people. It all started when I saw the coldest, meanest way of ever ending a friendship. Some best friends decided to take every mistake I ever made and take it out of context and throw it in my face. The cruelty that they exhibited towards me seemed very uncivil and I just couldn’t understand the hatred someone could possess. This is when I began to wonder if people were truly bad with some nice traits. Just a few days ago, this idea was justified by the shooting at Virginia Tech. How is it possible for someone to believe strangers deserve to die? How could one human being kill another human being? The only way to justify this is that people are bad at heart but have some nice characteristics.

Although I just said this is the only way to justify these people’s act, the question did their environment make them this way enters into my mind. This I believe that people are born with a good, kind heart but their hearts change as the environment takes their pure, innocent hearts and causes it to feel pain. Eventually, those hearts have been hurt so much that it’s hard to distinguish between the kindness and the hatred. Although the friends show an awful hatred towards me, their lives had been filled with people who’ve done this to them in the past. So, it shows how their environment has changed them for the worse even though they were born with a kind heart. This I believe that they were born with a good heart and good intentions. Same as the guy at Virginia Tech, he was born with a good heart but his life made him a cruel, hateful person. He let his heart become bad and believed that his heart was right and caused him to become demented and crazy. But again, I believe he was born with a good heart but his environment destroyed its purity. So, This I believe that people are good naturally until their lives take a hard toll on them and destroy that good.