This I Believe

Sheena - Capitol Heights, Maryland
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Take care of yourself first.

I believe you should never spend all your money on paying bills. Every time you get paid you should take care of yourself first, you should buy yourself at least one thing nice.

I’m a 24 year old; college student, with no children and I live on my own. I work as an Associate Teacher at a Daycare center, if you didn’t know teachers don’t make that much money. Even though we help children conquer so many obstacles most of the time we’re not recognized (money wise) for that duty. Note, working with children isn’t all about the money it’s from the heart on my part; I would love to have a bigger check.

Being a young adult I have accumulated some bills, some old and some new, which I do pay them but it’s hard. Most of the time to ease my pain of paying bills all the time I take care of myself before paying. When you have bills it is always good to pay on time, and paying the maximum if not full balance that is due. I’m going to keep it real and say that I do have a bad habit of not paying my bills on time. I take advantage of the five to fifteen day grace periods most bills have. I pay what I can to survive until I’m able to pay the whole balance. But before any bill I take care of me first. I may but myself one item of clothing that will work well with my job and or special occasion, I may pamper myself to a mani and pedi with an eyebrow wax, I may get something special for my pets or I may buy myself something I working with during my leisure time like books, music, movies etc.

I haven’t started yet, but I plan on saving some money every time I get paid so I could have something special for myself in my future.

Even though I’m getting older, more mature and I have more responsibilities, every time I get paid I take care of myself first. It makes me feel as though I’m working for my own benefit not just to pay bills.