This I Believe

Rebekah - alanson, Michigan
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe I will Succeed

By the time I am finished with college I will feel fulfilled in my life. It takes much to become who you want to be in life. Nearly 19 years old, people try to tell me that I don’t know what I want, that I could not possibly know because I am just a teenager. All the people who try to bring me down, only do the opposite, they give me the drive I need to succeed and prove them wrong. I believe I will succeed.

As a child I never knew what I wanted from life. I never wanted to go to college. But realizing as I grew older, I knew that to succeed it was a must. I wanted to be the second of six children to graduate. I wanted my parents to be proud of their youngest child. When my parents were my age, college seemed to be a luxury that most could not afford. Something that I wanted badly was to further my education.

Not doing so well in the past, I skipped a full year of high school. Worried that I would never graduate on time, but determined to try hard, I entered my senior year ready to defeat whatever came my way. It took much hard work, and an overwhelming amount of stress, but in the end I had overcome more than I thought I could. Not only did I graduate on time but I graduated with extra credit. The hard times I had faced inspired me to better myself.

After graduating high school I realized I have my whole life ahead of me, I could do or be anything that I wanted. I changed my mind many times but I always wanted to do something that helped people. I have had many of my friends injured in sports, and I have a good friend who was recently in a bad car accident. He has to learn to do everything again such as walking, sitting up and eating. After some research and personal feelings, I came to realize that the perfect thing for me to do would be to become a Physical Therapist. I am now in college learning to do just that, there is a long road ahead, but it is a road that I know I can follow with success.

I got where I am now because I believed in myself. I have goals, ambitions and a family who cares about me and my future. You can be anything if you just have enough self respect and strength. By the time I am 25 years old I will be helping others as I have always wanted to do. Just by believing that I can succeed, I will be what I want to be. When you feel like you just can’t get as far in life as you would like, just think about one thing. I will succeed.